Dunkin’ x Oreo Freaky Tuesday

the worlds first ever brand swap on Twitter.

Brand partnerships are nothing new, so Dunkin’ was looking for an innovative way
to get their fans excited about their new Oreo flavors.

We took a cue from the classic Freaky Friday movie plot and created the world’s first Twitter brand swap.
Starting by inexplicably swapping the Dunkin’ and Oreo logos/branding on their Twitter pages.
Then, Dunkin’ posted Oreo tweetsand Oreo posted Dunkin’ tweets. Fans let us know that something was up,
commenting on each post as the two feeds tweeted back and forth, trying to find the perfect product
partnership to undo the glitch. Finally, they landed on the actual collaborations,
revealing to the world Dunkin’s new Oreo donut and hot chocolate.


2019 Cannes Lions Shortlist
Social & Influencer

2019 Art Directors Club x2

Interractive Single Twitter
Interactive Craft in Online/Mobil Content Strategy

2019 Webby Honoree
Best Use of Social Media

2019 One Show x4
Integrated Co-Promotions
Innovation in Social Media
Social Engagement – Community Building
Social Post Campaign

2019 D&AD Shortlist
Digital Marketing Use of Social Media

2019 New York Festival Finalist
Best Use of Partnerships